Which class of sprite are you?

Sprite Club is a Web3 brand centred around NFTs as access to token-gated storytelling, with your Sprite representing your main character in an ever-expanding Choose Your Own Adventure story.

What are sprites?

Sprite Club consists of a collection of 7,777 Sprites that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Sprite is aesthetically unique in their own way, barring a set of twin Sprites with a very interesting history.

There are 5 Classes of Sprite existing in the Sprite Realm:

  • Adventurer Sprites
  • Mystic Sprites
  • Warrior Sprites
  • Muse Sprites
  • Rogue Sprites

Your Sprite represents your main character in the Sprite Realm, and will enable you to embark on future adventures, missions and quests - which will always come with a hint of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, allowing you to always have an impact on the collection and future development.

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The prologue

A lucky number of travellers were able to embark on The Prologue - the first part of the Sprite Club story. Those that took part faced a variety of obstacles and challenges on their way toward the portal that would take them into the Sprite Realm.

The choices made during The Prologue determined their Class of Sprite after jumping into the portal - results were final and thus determined the Class rarity across the whole collections.

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Sprite Classes

Our collection, determined by our community.

Rogue Sprite

Independent, charming, mischievous

Adventurer Sprite

Sociable, curious, trusting

Muse Sprite

Creative, pensive, reckless

Warrior Sprite

Brave, sociable, hot-headed

Mystic Sprite

Diplomatic, laid-back, pensive

Designed by the community

Each Sprite Class is different in their appearance and more importantly their personality!

Don’t think that all Sprites are completely aligned to their class - there certainly exists sociable Rogues, mischievous Adventurers, cowardly Warriors, argumentative Mystics & cautious Muses!

You may find yourself in any of these classes -

Start Your Adventure to find out!

The Road Ahead


Sky drop storms

To begin your journey into the Sprite Realm, we have something commemorative for you that will be usable in Chapter One of the Sprites story.

During the Skydrop Storm, you’ll have to brave the weather and claim your Prologue Item. The item you receive is relevant to the decisions you made in your respective Prologue story - so we hope you chose wisely!


Neversleep Summit

It’s been great to witness so many strong bonds form within the Sprite Club community online. It is time to meet the faces behind the NFTs! We’ll be hosting an in-person event at NFT NYC in June for our community to meet one another in the flesh!

With NFT NYC being one of the leading global NFT events, we thought this is the perfect place for our first IRL event.

Looking past NYC, we’d love to do more of these in the future!


Bizarre Bazaar

We’re looking forward to offering official Sprite Club clothing for our community. We want Sprite holders and the wider community to have the option to connect their digital and physical identities, wearing apparel that reflects their Class or even perhaps their choices in the story.


Side Quests: Floating Isles

One of the things we’re excited to do with Sprite Club is to try to give back & support causes that we & the community are passionate about.

We also have some fun things that aren’t explicitly listed on the Isles. They include things such as scaling up the Sprites team, upgrading the website, providing brand value through partnerships and a bunch of other cool stuff! Stay tuned for more!


Chapter One: The Weird

Now that you have experienced The Prologue minting adventure, you’ll hopefully understand that this is just the beginning. In Chapter One we intend to expand and develop the concept of our mint adventure into a true ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ narrative.

You know we don’t like to reveal too much before it’s confirmed, so more of this will come at a later date. Just remember, when the time comes - Choose Wisely!

The Team


Co-Founder, Business Development


Co-Founder, Artist & Creative Director

Mr Moon

Co-Founder, Legal Guide


Co-Founder, Marketing & Operations


Head of Community


Graphics Artist


Smart Contract Developer


Web Developer


Senior Mod


Senior Mod


Senior Mod

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still mint a Sprite?

No. We are sold out!

However, we expect there may be a few amongst you that want to experience The Prologue and discover which class of Sprite you are. Embark on The Prologue and find out!

What does owning a Sprite get me?

Owning a Sprite is your ticket to experiencing and being a part of the developing story of the Sprite Realm.

Each Sprite has on-chain data attached to it, meaning each interaction in the Sprite story is stored on the blockchain forever!

How can I buy a Sprite?

Sprites are available to buy on the secondary market.

What is the Skydrop Storm?

The Skydrop Storm is the first step in our roadmap. Sprite owners are able to collect an item that will be usable in Chapter One, yet also commemorates their journey in The Prologue.

Check to see if you have an item to claim here!

How does the Skydrop Storm work?

Sprite owners are able to claim an item for each Sprite that they own. So if you own 5 Sprites then you will be able to claim 5 items.

During the Prologue, minters made a variety of choices along the way, one of which was choosing an item to take through the portal. This is the item that will be available for you to claim.

When will Chapter One take place?

As we’ve already said, we like to stick to the motto of underpromising and overdelivering.

Once we have more information ready to deliver on Chapter One, but what we can reveal is that there will be more choices to be made, and more differing stories!